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Podcasts, Radio and Running with Ray!

Jun 27, 2023

For the past 5 weeks I've been helping get the nation running by sharing my running tips on the Ray Darcy show on RTE Radio 1. 

Each week I've traded in my home office for a radio studio and been on the airwaves as the Ray Darcy Show resident coach in the buildup to Run With Ray 5k. I have also recorded bonus weekly podcasts with Ray too - some of which we even recorded out running!!!

Thanks to all for the kind comments about my radio slots! I know lots of you in work when the show airs, so you want to listen back, here are all the links. 

Run with Ray - Radio and Podcasts!!

The grand finale is the Run with Ray 5k week where all the runners who kicked off in May are now celebrating crossing the finish line!!! You can sign up here!




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