Marathon Coaching 2024

It's exciting - but nerve-wracking - there is so much information out there about marathon training that you are not sure what you should be doing! You want to be ready for the big day but not do so much that you get injured or give up half way through the summer.

We get it, everyone is giving you tips and advice, there so many training plans out there and it all can feel a little overwhelming. We take the hassle of the planning and preparation for a marathon off your plate and instead replace it with a full support team of enthusiastic experts who know exactly how you are feeling. 

We support and mind you along the way in every step of the journey. Training for a marathon is a LOT more than just running miles! We cover everything from fueling to flexibility, injury prevention to hydration, race day nerves, how to manage panics and setbacks as well as how to actually stay motivated and enjoy the entire summer of training. 

Our Promise  - We take you from being nervous, anxious and overwhelmed about the marathon to being fully prepared, confident and excited for the big day out! 

Whats the alternative : You can just download any training plan for the next 5 months - but thats just a piece of paper. What you need is someone you can call on when you need help, motivation, support or just a simple pep talk to help you over a setback. There are ups and downs along the way of any big journey like this, and we have been there before, so will guide you along your path to marathon day! 

We know how you are feeling:  For the last 13 years I (Mary) have trained marathon runners, just like you, for the big day out. Today, with my team of 3 other amazing coaches, (Aoife, Linda and Dee), we take that hard work of deciding what to do off your plate and hand hold you all the way from now until the marathon day. 

We work together as a team, wherever you are based, and drip feed you the information you need - right when you need it - so you follow a step by step enjoyable and manageable path to marathon day. Before you know it you will be up running 20 miles some September weekend morning and you will look back and realise how far you have come by having committed to training well and sensibly for the big day.

How will I run that far? These long runs won't be as daunting for you as you will have all the tips and secrets that make them feel easier and enjoyable. Whether you choose to do the long runs solo or with other members of our group you will know you are all in it together as we share our updates and support eachother virtually - in a non competitive way. It's all about camaradie and knowing others are in the same boat as you!

As coaches we are your mentors and guides - but the other runners in this group you will learn lots from (as they will from you believe it or not). 

Imagine waking up on marathon day knowing you have done all you can, you are buzzing with anticipation and you are ready to celebrate your summer of training by turning up to run 26 miles! And you know you can do it. That's a priceless feeling and thats what we do. We get you there! 

And we can't wait to get started x

When does it start? We kick off 19th June  but will be in touch before then to all who have signed up guiding you along the way to gearing up to an exciting summer and autumn ahead. We have limited places on this group - so don't leave it until the last minute. 

ForgetTheGym Members : If you are already a member of our community, please login via your membership area to book your spot on this programme. You will keep all your wondeful membership benefits but will get the added marathon programme and community!

If you are not a member - you are in luck! As part of this Marathon 24 Package you not only get all our marathon coaching, but you get FULL access to all our ForgetTheGym Membership for the full duration of the marathon programme.

What's in the membership? You get full access to all our ForgetTheGym resources - This includes everything from podcasts to yoga classes, meetups, hikes to foam roller workshops, running technique masterclasses and weekly coaching and tips from all 4 coaches. There is a whole library of follow along strength, mobility and breathwork classes as well as a full year of season food recipes, advice and inspiration. This membership is not open to the public right now, so this is a HUGE priceless bonus of the programme. 

So don't miss out. Come join us

Terms and Conditions : 

18 weeks before Dublin Marathon is Sunday 24th June 2024. This is the day we will formally kick off the programme. 

It will run for 18 weeks (with a bonus one week after Dublin Marathon- as people often at a loss to know what to do after and need extra support).

We have limited spaces in this programme and we will close the doors when we reach capacity which will most likely be BEFORE the start date in late June. 

Be sure to get your place early if you are keen to join us. 

Click to read terms and conditions. 

Cancellations : Should you decide mid programme not to complete it for injury or other personal reasons, you can defer until 2025 but there are no refunds (after 14 days of purchase)


What People Are Saying:

I had a wonderful experience thank you so much. You believed in me when others thought I was mad running my first marathon aged 60. Your encouragement and training plan meant that I finished the marathon injury free which was brilliant. For 18 weeks I enjoyed the structure of the training plan and all your weekly Sunday advice/chats. The people in the group were so nice and everyone helped and each other along the way.


Joining Forget The Gym's marathon coaching was the best decision I ever made. Could not have done it without the guidance and support of Mary and Aoife. Absolutely everything was covered in the 17 weeks of training. The physical training was surprisingly doable and week after week I felt stronger and more prepared. The mental aspect of training and advise from very experienced coaches was priceless and was the reason I was able to enjoy every moment of the big day with a smile on my face. I turned from a nervous wreck at the beginning to a confident 1st time marathon runner at the start line. Thank you so much Mary, I couldn't have done it without you. P.S No blisters or chafing after 5 hours of running in the rain thanks to the practical advise too


A massive thank you for all your training, help, support, advice and encouragement over the last few months with the marathon training. I never thought I'd ever be able to do a marathon and now I can eventually say 'I've done a marathon!' I might even sign up for next year!


Slow and steady may not have won the race but training with Forget the Gym made for a pleasurable experience from start to finish! Couldn't ask for more than that. Mary and Aoife were the safe hands needed to guide my legs (mind, body and the rest!).


The training plan, the moral support and the "of course you can do it" attitude makes training a fantastic experience and the marathon is the icing on the cake! Thanks for helping me achieve this Mary


Cannot thank you personally enough for the support, wisdom and laughs over the last few months - I could never ever ever have done the Marathon without being part of this wonderful supportive group!


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