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Marathon Week - 20 questions quiz

Oct 24, 2023

One quick way to know if you have prepared and are ready for the weekend is to ask yourself the following 20 questions. Be sure you know the answers going into marathon weekend and it will take a lot of pressure off race day. 

It’s time to start picturing the logistics of your race weekend. The clearer your answers are to those questions, the more it will make you think about and plan your ideal race day.  Dont put off this exercise until the weekend. It will only take you 5 minutes now.

Race Expo :

When will I go to the Expo ?

What do I need to bring to the Expo ?

Is there anything I need/want to buy there

Day Before the Race :

What will I eat/do today ?

What time will i go to bed at ?

What time will I set my alarm for ?

Race Day :

What will I have for breakfast ?

How will I get to the start line ?

Am I driving, where will I park ?

Will I be putting a bag in the bag drop ?

Who/Where will I meet before there race ?

Where will I go to toilet before race ?

What time do I want to get to start line for ?

What will I bring with me ?

What will I be wearing ?

What pace do I want to run the first few miles ?

Who will I see along the route ?

At what point will I take my fuel/gels/drinks?

Where will I go after I finish ?

Who will I meet after – and where ?

Well, how many of the answers do you know? 

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