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We want you to feel full of life. But we know how hard it can be to make time for yourself.  

Let us share our love of moving, fresh air, community and fun with you. We make feeling great more accessible and less effort. 

We are by your side (in person and virtually) as your personal cheerleader, coach and companion on your path to success! 

"I love the community, the support, the accountability, the craic, the range of options & the genuine soundness of the people involved" Joanne. 

Our Membership Package

Weekly Coaching with Mary

Start each week on the right foot with Mary. Don’t let the weeks run away on you. Instead use Mary's Sunday mini coaching sessions as your weekly checkin and reset before each new week starts. 

Follow Along Classes

Our full collection of strength, mobility, yoga videos are there for you whenever you need them. We are with you even when we are apart. Press play anytime you need to move, destress or feel better. 

Online Community

Get inspired in our encouraging, supportive and interactive community. Ask questions, share progress and get inspired by others. No more getting distracted on Facebook. 

Kick out the door

Our live virtual warmups and classes are a big hit! Join us at a planned time from wherever you are to workout together and have a chat too. We might be on different paths but are in it together. 

Pop Up Events

From in-person hikes and picnics to virtual bedtime yoga classes, we have you covered. There will be live members-only events both virtually and in person every month.

Training Library

You have full access to growing library of training plans, race calendar and training articles. We even have lots of optional bonus challenges you can dip into as you fancy!

Monthly Focus

We move with the seasons and each month there is a a new theme. We will have a full holistic approach to feeling good and nature plays a big part in it. Food does too and our monthly recipes and tips go with the seasons.

Ask a Coach Q&A 

Consider us your coach in your pocket. Contact Mary, Aoife, Dee or Linda via email any time with any questions you might have. We will also have guest speakers in to answer your questions.

And there is more...

Special Bonus for Members

- NEW Podcast only for members

- Discounts on all running classes

- First Priority on getaways and retreats

- Special price for Marathon Coaching

How to Join :  We only open the doors just twice each year for new members.

Payment : Members pay a monthly subscription which can be cancelled at any time with 30 days notice.


Join the waiting list

We will reopen the doors to our membership later this year. Don't miss it. 

Why should you join?

We can tell you all that you get inside the membership, but the real value is what our members get out of it! 

We asked them what their favourite part is, and you can read a whole blog on their answers here,  but here are a selection: 

"I love being part of a group of like-minded people who will appreciate red-faced running photos and understand the joy of them!"

"They are always there in your phone App when you need a boost or have a question. And Mary Jennings is the best coach and cheerleader anyone could ask for" 


I love being part of this community as I feel accountable. It's the underlying ethos of self care and being kind to ourselves rather than the focus being on faster, longer and winning that I like. 


This is the best running group I know that keeps me on track and its always enjoyable, its the only group you want to be in.


This is a healthy and happy group with an emphasis on moving and being outdoors and the collective support generated by the ever smiling Mary, her team and us members.


The community with its  meet ups, coaching videos, strength and speed sessions as well as the inclusion of yoga and food - it’s a great package and good value - I highly recommend it


I am so glad to be part of this group as you are never alone on your journey. There is always something interesting suggested and meet ups to discover new places and exercise.


I love being part of a community that combines accountability with camaraderie and support. I’ve been running for 12 years and have never enjoyed it as much as when I became part of Forget the Gym.

Join the waiting list

We will reopen the doors to our membership later this year. Don't miss it. 

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