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Springtime at ForgetTheGym - Here's whats on

Feb 14, 2024

The daffodils are out so that means one thing, we are planning ahead for spring and beyond. Come join us - there are 3 ways you can join : 

1. Become a member : 

We open our doors for new members this February. Don't miss out. This only happens twice a year and you are lucky! Doors close end of February. You can find out more about membership here. But better than, here is what our members have to say about why they love the membership

2. Run 5k in 8 Weeks : 

Back to Basics - If you need to  your spot on our beginners running course. For the last 15 years we have been teaching women who dont think they could run to do just that! From 1 minute jogs at the start, in 8 week you will be will be happily turning up to your local 5k parkrun with a smile. Find out more about Running for Beginners

3. Join us on the beach:

Since 2008 you can find us in Clontarf and Sandymount in Dublin keeping eachother motivated and moving midweek. Classes for all levels of runner but the focus is never on competition. Get your spot on the beach. 

Other spring plans and adventures..

  • We are also heading off to France in early May to the stunning St Jeans retreat (sorry no spots left, this sold out in just one day) but take a look as its just stunning! 
  • There is the 5 year anniverary of the launch of my Get Running Book and I'm still writing so you can catch me in The Irish Times too if you are in need of a little motivation. 
  • It is a while yet til we kick off our marathon programme but everyone on the marathon programme waiting list will get updates throughout the spring on what they can do now so they are in the best position to train once summer arrives.
  • But our main focus is making our membership the best community around. Over the next few weeks we have lots planned from hikes to bedtime yoga, virtual meetups to podcasts and plenty more on the app! So don't miss the few days it opens it's doors. It wont happen again til autumn. 
  • Social Media : The only downside to all of this is that our social media is being neglected - but we are enjoying that freedom too - so just make sure you are on the email mailing list for any updates as that is where we will share all news. 

Wherever you go this spring, be sure to get plenty fresh air (here's why) and remember that even just one run a week can make a difference (i've written about that here too). 

Wishing you a wonderful spring - I hope you can join us along the way

Mary x



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