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Every women should listen to this

Every women should listen to this

Apr 10, 2024

Each month in our membership I share a new podcast episode. It's one of our monthly highlights as I chat with individual members about their story and setbacks. These chats are very personal, so I never share them beyond the community. But a few months ago I spoke to leading Women's health Physio Aoife Harvey on the podcast. It was only ever intended to be just for our members. 

Every women should take a listen 

But the result was an incredible conversation that needed to be heard by more than just our community.  Since it was published I've had so many positive messages from those who listened saying how they wished they could share it with their friends, sisters, mums and daughters. So, I have done just that - set it up so it can be shared and listened to by anyone. 

For women of all ages

From women in their 30s to women in their 70s, we have quite a mix in our community and this conversation helped them all. There is talk of incontinence, healthy aging, menopause and perimenopause and future proofing our body. Aoife also talks about pessaries, oestrogen, post natal recovery and pelvic floor surgery  - BUT most importantly she talks in clear, simple language and covers so many topics in a short space of time. 

So here it is - for a limited time 

It's  only 45 minutes, just the perfect length of time to listen on a walk/run. YOU can listen along at the audio link above. I know many who have listened to it twice, so good was the advice that Aoife shared. 

Need more info 

I really hope you enjoy it and learn a lot. I also have written a full blog (which focusses on the incontinence side of things) and an article in The Irish Times all about my conversation with Aoife, but I suggest you start with the podcast as that has the full array of topics. You can also see Aoife's contact details here.

Let me know which bit you found most interesting and please do share this blog with anyone you feel might like it! 

Mary x

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